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Image credit: Richard Lavery

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by Shannon Yee (Sickels)

Thu 30 March – Sat 1 April
12pm, 6:30pm, 9pm (daily)
Gloucester Guildhall
£10 – Tickets on sale 

An autobiographical, audio-based artwork about Shannon’s experience of falling critically ill with a rare brain infection and her journey of rehabilitation with an acquired brain injury.

Audience members (6 per show) experience Reassembled, Slightly Askew individually, listening to the audio via headphones while lying on hospital beds. The audio technology makes the sound three-dimensional, causing listeners to feel they are inside Shannon’s head, viscerally experiencing her descent into coma, brain surgeries, early days in the hospital and reintegration into the world with a hidden disability. A story of terror, discovery, humour, but above all, hope.

Watch BBC’s Kofi Smiles give you an insight into what you can expect when you arrive: click here

A real-life ordeal, captured by a daring, disorientating artistic collaboration, which works brilliantly on so many levels…It should be available on prescription.’
★★★★★ The Stage 

‘offers both humanity and insight, and a completely different theatrical experience’
★★★★ The Arts Review

‘Beautifully put together!’
★★★★ The Guardian

‘A quietly devastating example of uncategorisable art at its best.’
★★★★ Time Out London

‘A harrowing journey into an artist’s experience of a rare brain infection’
★★★★ The Evening Standard

Shannon Yee (Sickels), Writer & Producer
Paul Stapleton, Composer/Sonic Artist
Anna Newell, Director
Hanna Slättne, Dramaturg
Stevie Prickett, Choreographer

Biomedical advisory team

Mr Roy McConnell, Consultant Neurosurgeon Royal Victoria Hospital
Colin Williamson, Head Injury Liaison Nurse Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

Suitability: 16+

Running Time: 90 minutes

Please note:

Latecomers cannot be admitted.

Performances will be for up to 6 persons at one time: pre-booking essential.


Accessibility notes for this performance:

Reassembled… is experienced laying down in a hospital bed.

Deaf/Hearing-Impairments—Audiences that use hearing aids or other support aids regularly can experience Reassembled… without any adaptation as the headphones are normal headphones, similar to as they might use while listening to music. The Nurse can also stay on the monitor headphones to turn down the volume on individual headphones at very loud points in the performance. Unfortunately, Reassembled…. is not accessible to deaf audiences, though the behind-the-scenes documentary is subtitled and available for free.

Learning Disabilities— The audience member’s support worker (if applicable) should accompany them. If a group, the support worker and Nurse can fill out a single admission form, writing down their comments verbatim. The support worker should be present through the performance, but not experiencing it on headphones. The Nurse can also stay on the monitor headphones to turn down the volume on individual headphones at very loud points in the performance.

Visual Impairments—Guide dogs are welcome to lay on the floor by the bed their owner is in. The Nurse can support you with the admission sheet by reading it aloud and filling it in, as directed, and verbatim.

Physical Disabilities—If you are a wheelchair user, and would be more comfortable in their wheelchair sitting up, that adaptation is fine, though you may not get the full experience. Additional assistance may be needed to get in and out of the beds, as advised before arrival by the audience member. There have been wheelchair users in the Reassembled… audience, who have self-transferred to the hospital beds. Their dignity and preference as to how they would like to experience Reassembled… are the priority.