ENDED: Performer Call Out: Never Better



Never Better
A mental health stories project

Created by Strike A Light in partnership with Gloucestershire Archives, GUST and Gloucester History Festival.



Never Better will launch at Gloucester History Festival on Friday 6th September 2019, at Blackfriars Priory. This performance piece will be the result of an exciting and innovative year-long project where research teams have unearthed stories from Gloucestershire Archives that reveal personal and professional tales of mental health through the ages. Alongside this research we are gathering contemporary mental health narratives from local communities across the city.

This material will be combined and used to create a delicate and moving piece of performance, where a cast of professional and community actors and musicians will bring these stories to life. Performed at Blackfriars Priory on 6-8thSeptember 2019, followed by a short local tour 10-15th September 2019.

The aim of Never Better is to bring issues of mental health into the foreground, by exploring our past treatment of mental health to enable us to understand our present.

Never Betteris Directed/Written by Finn Beames and Composed by Kate Whitley.



3 actors to devise and perform in the final performance. Actors are required to have:

  • strong singing voices and musicality
  • able to learn text within a relatively short rehearsal period
  • comfortable performing in an immersive setting / among audience members, and touring to unconventional performance locations
  • inclusive spirit and willingness to support the community choir and their role in the project

2 instrumental musicians with confidence performing and potentially improvising. Instruments: 1 cellist and 1 violinist.

We are open to all genders, ethnicities and backgrounds, particularly those who feel underrepresented within the arts. We are particularly interested in hearing from performers with lived experiences and/or an understanding of ill mental health.



19 Aug – 5 Sept 2019: Rehearsals in Gloucester, UK (full rehearsal schedule TBC)
6 – 8 Sept 2019: performances at Blackfriars, Gloucester, UK
10 – 15 Sept 2019: touring, Gloucestershire, UK



30, 31 Aug & 1 Sept 2019: rehearsals in Gloucester, UK
4 & 5 Sept 2019: evening rehearsals in Gloucester, UK
6 – 8 Sept 2019: performances at Blackfriars, Gloucester, UK



Actors: Equity minimum, plus agreed expenses
Musicians: MU Casual Stage Rates, plus agreed expenses


We will be short-listing for auditions to be held on 3 or 4 June 2019 in Gloucester. Invited performers, and unsuccessful applicants, will be notified of invitations to attend the audition by Tuesday 28 May 2019. We are able to offer limited expenses to cover essential travel cost of invited performers who attend the audition.


Please send an email by 5.00pm on 24th May 2019 to kate@strikealightfestival.org.uk with the subject line: PERFORMER CALL-OUT ACTOR or PEFORMER CALL-OUT MUSICIAN.

This email should include the following:

  • Your current performer’s CV
  • A link to a show reel or footage of you performing (with singing example for actor roles)
  • Confirmation of your availability for audition, rehearsals and performance dates


Kate McStraw