One Kid and His Dog


One Kid and Their Dog

by Simon Day and Malcolm Hamilton

Sunday 25 March | 11am-3pm
FREE event

Eastgate Street / Gate Streets

‘One Man and his Dog’ meets rollerdisco. A human shepherding event on the streets.


Meet our Pete, our shepherd and Kim, our ‘sheepdog’ (a performer on roller-skates), they’ve found themselves stuck on the city streets without their sheep. Ever the industrious, they’ll herd people instead. Pete is pretty lazy so he’ll want some kids to help out with the herding. Be prepared for a very odd afternoon of spontaneous dance troupes, child shepherds and a rollerskating ‘dog’!

One Kid has been seed funded by Strike a Light. On 25th March we’ll be testing the idea on the streets of Gloucester for the first time.
Come along and have great fun  helping us to make a new game! From the team that brought you L_ve Hangman in October 2015! muftigames.com @muftigames