Never Better

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Never Better

A partnership project between Strike A Light, Gloucestershire Archives, GUST and Gloucester History Festival.


7 September 2019
8 September 2019
Blackfriars Priory (as a part of Gloucester History Festival)


Never Better aims to bring mental health to the foreground, by exploring our past treatment of mental health and combining it with real, day to day stories from individuals and communities living with mental ill health.  

This exciting and innovative project will work with research teams,  unearthing stories from the archives that reveal personal and professional tales of mental health through the ages. Alongside this research we will be  gathering contemporary mental health narratives from local communities across the City.

This material will be combined and used to create a delicate and moving piece of performance theatre in September 2019 where a cast of professional and community actors will bring these stories to life.

Any stories that are gathered will also be added to Gloucestershire Archives’ collections, where they will be preserved permanently as a resource for use in research and publication.