Loc’s by Rider Shafique



by Rider Shafique & Khali Ackford

A photographic exhibition

25 September – 31 October
The Gallery, Gloucester Guildhall

“After writing and performing I-Dentity I realised the power of my own voice, the relevance of my own experience and story but also the need and importance of positive representation in the world around us.

In February 2015 I lost two aunts to cancer who both wore their hair in loc’s during their lifetimes. Both for different reasons but both beautiful, inspirational, strong black women.

I want to create a world that respects and recognises this beauty. I want to create art which reflects my culture and surroundings. Art that inspires people to be proud of their individuality and identity. Art that breaks all rules, art that hopefully empowers, educates and breaks down barriers. Destroying stereotypes that have unfortunately existed for too many lifetimes.

Loc’s is an ongoing photography project between myself and friend/creative partner Khali Ackford. I want to pay homage to many of the faces I have seen growing up, the faces of friends and family. Faces that in time will change and leave this earth but faces that will be documented and remembered through this project and recorded for generations to come as valued members of our communities.”

Free exhibition