ENDED: Job Opportunity: Project Coordinator

Young people performing
Strike a Light Gloucester Rooftop Festival featuring the Multi-Story Orchestra supported by local primary schools and the Gloucestershire Academy of Music playing in Eastgate Shopping Centre Car Park Picture by Mikal Ludlow Photographer

Job Opportunity: Project Coordinator


Strike a Light are looking for an exceptional and empathetic individual to work with them on a short term contract developing a pilot project called CULTURE BANK.

Fixed fee: £3,200

Time scale: August 2019- February 2020


What is Culture Bank?

Culture Bank is a new scheme being piloted by Strike A Light and Create Gloucestershire. The basic idea is that people who receive food bank vouchers or are known to be living in food poverty are given a free ticket to attend a cultural event in their area.



Because when people are hungry, when they can’t afford basic essentials, going to see a show or a film may be unaffordable and understandably not thought about.

When we hear music, when we see a show, when we take part, when we sing; we feel human, we feel connected and we feel better than we did before.


 What are we hoping to achieve?

  • Build self -esteem
  • Change perceptions of who culture is for and who can access it
  • Take part in a shared experience
  • To provide for your family if you have one

This is not a definitive list.


Who we are looking for:

We are looking for an individual who understands what we are trying to do and is curious to develop the project. We are looking for someone who can work with food banks and organisations that donate food to people living in food poverty and build relationships.

We want to ensure that Culture Bank is not seen as a free hand out but is actually something that is enriching, not patronising, and easy to access.

We want to work with someone who understands the difficulties of living in food poverty, who can build relationships and trust and who can support people who may wish to attend cultural events.


This is a trial project, we are not sure how it is going to work but we know that working with the staff and volunteers who work with people living in food poverty is key to the success of this project. For many people cultural organisations are scary places, they feel they are not for them and that only posh people can attend them.

We are working with venues to talk about being welcoming and understanding that people may feel anxious attending for the first time. We have lots of organisations offering free tickets to events. We want to make this happen.


This role doesn’t need to be someone who comes from an arts background. It does need to be someone who understands the value that the arts can bring. We expect the role to include:

  • Building relationships with foodbanks and other potential referral partners and understanding how they work
  • Building relationships with foodbank users to understand how and why they might access cultural events and what the barriers are
  • Talking to cultural organisations to build up a range of offers
  • Road testing different approaches
  • Sharing learning with funders and partners and contributing to the planning of next steps


How to apply:

Please send your CV and a covering letter, no more than two sides of A4 explaining why the job excites you and what you think you can bring to it by 5pm on July 12th.

Interviews week commencing week of  22 July 2019

Please send your application forms to Sarah Blowers. Strike A Light Festival – hello@strikealightfestival.org.uk

We welcome applications from all backgrounds, particularly those from BAME backgrounds.