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Is Theatre Just For Posh People?

A recording of feedback from our one-day-event for Arts industry professionals in the heart of Matson.


Surviving GDPR as a small arts organisation

You've heard people saying the letters GDPR in hushed tones with panic stricken faces. You know it's something to do with data protection and new legislation and something important you should be doing. We're hoping this may help...

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Artist Call Out: Seed Funding Opportunities

Open Call to Artists for Seed Funding for Scratch

Through the eyes of a volunteer

Eliott Sheppard gives us his account of the festival as a volunteer at Strike A Light, March 2015...

Exeunt Magazine national review by Natasha Tripney

Natasha Tripney visits Gloucester for a weekend of theatre, dance, and discussion, part of Battersea Arts Centre's Collaborative Touring Network.

Strike a light

In 1960 my best friend was the daughter of Sam Moreland who owned the Moreland's match factory in Gloucester. I remember the lovely graphics on the match boxes and the jokes on the back. As a child I liked the idea of the timber arriving in Gloucester docks by ship supplying the factory.